We offer a wide range of Standard, VIP, Luxury, and Corporate minibus rental to meet your needs anywhere in the UK.
A typical minibus:
When money is a problem, a regular minibus rental is a nice way to unwind.The executive minibus offers first-rate transportation for up to 35 passengers. The best choice for a business trip is this.Each luxury minibus’s interior meets the highest standards and is sleek and modern in design.

Premium minibus:

The best way to impress other people. A luxury mini bus’s leather interior contains tables, DVD players, WIFI, WC and bathroom facilities, a bar, an Xbox, and a slew of other wonderful extras.

Minibus Recruit Dunstable,

one of the leading providers of corporate and extravagant mini bus and coach rentals in the UK, has some experience. We would be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal mini bus for your needs and budget from our team of transportation experts. Minibus Hire Dunstable guarantees that the VIP and luxury mini buses it offers will give you the best mini bus ride possible.

Want to hire a minibus, go to Minibus Hire Dunstable:

In Dunstable, this is the best location to save a mini bus. Minibus hire in Dunstable meets all of your needs and offers the best mini bus services in Dunstable because they have been in business for a long time. To best suit your requirements, we provide mini buses with 5 seats, 10 seats, 35 seats, and 35 seats in Dunstable and across the UK. These mini buses have excellent amenities like air conditioning that can be set to either hot or cold. Because each minibus has a great sound system, you can also enjoy the ride while listening to music.

The following are benefits of hiring a minibus:

Mini buses are the best choice for group outings, events, and activities because they can carry more people. Instead of having to coordinate multiple automobiles or take public transportation, hiring a mini bus allows you to travel together as a group.


The addition of air conditioning and comfortable seats to mini buses is common and can make the journey more pleasurable for everyone.


Depending on the number of people in your group, hiring a mini bus may be less expensive than hiring multiple cars or purchasing individual bus or train tickets.

Professional driving

Some minibus rental companies let you hire a professional driver if you want to relax during the trip or aren’t familiar with the area.

Versatile vehicles

Mini buses are versatile vehicles that can be utilized for a wide range of activities, such as airport transfers, school field trips, and corporate events.

In conclusion

hiring a minibus to take a group of people around can be a practical, cost-effective option that can also make your travels more comfortable and enjoyable.

Why pick one of our minibuses?

Good value: When compared to other companies that hire mini buses, our prices are competitive.

Numerous minibuses

Mini buses in a wide range of sizes and configurations are available from us. To reserve the best minibus, contact Minibus Hire Dunstable’s customer service representatives. We truly only serve our customers. Depending on their needs, individuals can reserve a first-class minibus from Dunstable. The supply of the most cutting-edge minibus models is aided by Dunstable.

As part of our service, we may also provide you with a driver in addition to the minibus. If you choose to hire a minibus with a driver, we will provide both the vehicle and the driver for you. A company that hires minibuses is highly unlikely to offer hires at prices as low as ours.Service Available All Hours: Our neat and comfortable minibus is at your disposal seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Our skilled chauffeurs are familiar with the needs of passengers who want to unwind during the trip or are unfamiliar with the area.Customer service excellence: Our company stands out from its rivals because we are known for providing outstanding customer service.Flexibility: Because we are able to accommodate last-minute reservations or specific requirements, we are better able to serve customers who want a transportation service that is both dependable and adaptable.

The Dunstable Minibus Company has enough hired to accommodate each customer and offers a new selection of minibuses. To interact with foreign clients, our Farnborough service will only hire individuals with a lot of experience and knowledge.Provide services to all citizens: We will be able to provide services to all citizens of the nation because we have access to people who speak a variety of languages. The general public can quickly and easily hire a high-quality minibus. We are open seven days a week, so customers can reach us whenever they need our minibus hire Dunstable service.

After selecting the Mini-Bus that best meets your needs, go to our Get A Quote page.On our website, you have two choices:
The first option is One Way, and it allows you to select a pickup date, time, and location. Our driver will pick you up and take you to your destination at the specified time and location.
The second option is Return, where you can choose your pick-up and drop-off times and locations. Our driver will meet you at the designated location at the appointed time, take you to your destination, and then return to pick you up.
After selecting your options based on your needs, send us a booking request, and we’ll find you right away.

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